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1972 CONSCIOUS is a sustainable fashion brand committed to ethically-sourced materials and minimal environmental impact. 


Bringing sustainable, unique and luxury slow fashion to your conscious wardrobe.


Get to Know Us

Eco-Conscious Sustainable E-Studio

1972 is on a mission to go green. We have aimed for all of our products to be made from recycled or other sustainably sourced materials by 2030, while 40% of the materials we use are already sustainable. 

Our new Eco-Conscious, Sustainable Luxury and Animal Cruelty Free E-Studio line "1972 CONSCIOUS” was ideated to bring products reflecting traditional art forms to conscious consumers. We wanted to show how centuries-old art could be translated into a bold contemporary design that blends perfectly with modern-day fashion. These products are mostly handmade or hand woven under ethical conditions and are made of sustainable fabrics. From conceptualization to the final outcome, each design process is completely unique and eco friendly. Each piece is woven with love and created by the loving hands of our artisans who all are given fair wages. We also do custom made and tailored work to suit the specific needs of our clients. Get in touch to find out more about our design services, and let’s start working together today. Our work is a small step in addressing the sustainability goals of responsible production, consumption, and empowerment. 


  • Child labor - we don’t believe in nor support child labor

  • Non Discriminatory labor practices

  • Fair wages - we pay fair wages to our weavers

  • Best Occupational Health and Safety Standards - comparable to Good International Industry Practice (GIIP)

  • Gender and disable inclusive workforce

  • Resource Efficient designs and near zero carbon emission and footprint

  • Low Waste

  • We believe in 'LESS IS MORE'

  • You get to know who made your clothes or jewelry

  • Environmental Friendly- we are  having a tree planted for every order placed through our website or social media from 31st December 

  • Animal friendly- we are committed to be 100% animal friendly as well. Therefor, we will never use any form of fur in our sustainable line products, nor even faux fur. 

  • We use cotton, linen and peace silk yarns including waste of garments factories to weave with zero waste. And also using reusable materials including old coins, brass, copper, silver gold and conflict free diamonds to make jewelry.